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Use USH5OFF code to receive 5% off on your first order. Call Us Now : 1 (888) 646-7749

Use USH5OFF code to receive 5% off on your first order. Call Us Now : 1 (888) 646-7749

Diabetes and Depression

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Let’s talk Depression – Depression is when a person feels unhappy about life. With everything going on in the world right now there are millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, their financial freedom and that has caused severe stress. The stress of restriction, the stress of limited resources, the stress of financial setbacks, the stress of now knowing where to get money when your resources are limited. As we are all aware that there have been millions of people who have lost their jobs, companies have closed due to Covid-19. That leaves many families wondering how they are going to pay their bills. How are they going to provide for their family and most importantly do you choose your food over your medications? Millions of Americans are relying on internet pharmacies as a gateway to their medications without knowing the dangers of what they are purchasing. That itself can become overwhelming, stressful and lead to depression.

USA Script Helpers guarantees quality medications at affordable pricing, true to what is being advertised and will always have a customer service specialist respond to any inquiries or complaints to help improve the service that USA Script Helpers provides the American people. USA Script Helpers is committed to serving those with diabetes and who are going through depression.

Like many other diseases diabetes comes in stages. So let’s talk types:

Type 1 Diabetes is also known as insulin dependent diabetes.This is a chronic condition to where the pancreas are producing either no insulin or very little insulin. What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone that allows our sugar aka glucose to enter cells to produce energy. Those who are insulin dependent when not taking their medications can experience extreme fatigue or weakness.

Type 2 diabetes – Type 2 diabetes – This is when the human body does not produce enough insulin or may resists insulin. This one is often related to tablet medications. Common symptoms include the following: frequent urination – thirst – hunger – fatigue – cold sweat – cold hands – blurred vision – mood swings or irritation. Did you know that there are millions of Americans who have type 2 diabetes but have not yet been diagnosed?

There are many treatments to Type 2 diabetes. These treatments are not limited to but include: Exercise with a healthy balanced diet and insulin therapy. This one can also be monitored with tablet medications by your primary Physician. Any questions please do not hesitate to give USA Script Helpers a call at 1 (888) 646-7749 to speak to a licensed Pharmacist.

Let’s face it living with Type 1 Diabetes isn’t always a walk in the park. Millions of Americans struggle in so many various ways. There are also many people who don’t understand how mentally challenging this can be. It is important to monitor your blood sugar levels.

It is crucial and essential to monitor Diabetes. For Type 1 Diabetes it is important to know that there is no cure as of yet. However, it is physically possible to reverse Diabetes when caught at an early enough stage with diet, monitorized by a Physician and exercise. It is important to know that there are various factors to what can affect a person’s numbers. It cannot be solely based on consuming calories but there are also things to consider like exercise, sleeping habits, level of pain, various medications, sickness and stress among other things. Monitoring your food and the portions that you take can have an impact on your blood glucose level and determine if it is going to be ranked higher or lower.

Let’s be vocal about tracking your blood sugar levels – The importance of tracking your blood sugar levels, monitoring your doses of insulin, planning your everyday meals and meal preparation – how to stay healthy and keep active – It can be mentally draining and a lot to have on your mind. Are you feeling emotionally drained? How about feeling sluggish, depressed, emotionally unbalanced? Those are symptoms of a Diabetes “burnout” that can be addressed with your primary Physician. It is important to manage and touch base with your daily emotions as you are managing your diabetes. Emotions that are common to feel when diagnosed with diabetes – stressed out – angry – upset – irritated – sad – scared – anxious – Take time out of your day to really pause and reset. A few moments to yourself when you are feeling slightly off can make a big difference.

Do not be scared to reach out to loved ones, colleagues or neighbours about advice or conversations that will help you feel balanced. Talk to your doctor about how you feel. It is important that you seek a medical health care provider to help give you information; consultation to what your next steps are to managing your diabetes.

Did you know that products on the market such as Continuous Glucose Monitors make pricking less frequent and help to let people understand their glucose levels better. Did you know an insulin pump can reduce the number of injections that a diabetic would normally take? Have you also checked into applications such as digital carb counters? This can be found on smart phones etc. The prices of insulin pumps make it affordable for diabetics to invest in this method of intake. Which is another trigger for those living with this disease. The cost of living. The cost of budgeting. The cost of medical supplies and medications.

As of the CDC Diabetes one of the most expensive diseases that falls under the long term category is Diabetes. Other high rated diseases include: Cancer and heart disease are the leading causes of death and disability in the USA. 1 vial of insurance is literally double the amount of what USA Script Helpers has to offer. We kick in where insurances kick off. The costs required for supplies such as test strips, syringes, needles, CGM’s, supplies for insulin, insulin pumps, doctor visits, prescriptions, hospitalizations etc. can cause extreme anxiety and stress levels. Did you know that the average person with diabetes is spending almost $16K + in medical expenses? That’s give or take 2.5% higher compared to someone who does not have Diabetes. To avoid lethal situations and to optimize the chances of increasing long life it is to your best interest that if you are a person with Diabetes to do your homework, know your ressources, know their resources and know where to put your dollar for it’s full worth.

Complications may develop if you are NOT taking care of your numbers. Did you know that suicide is an unfortunate yet real common denominator when it comes to Diabetes? If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts please make sure to seek medical attention it can save a life. Depression is a common link when having Diabetes. Mental state people — you must focus on your mental state. The burden of having Diabetes can take a toll on a person not only physically but emotionally, financially and relationships. It is crucial and important that the people battling this disease know that they are not alone and that they find a common ground in building a healthy and well balanced life. By becoming engaged into conversations, learning about the Disease instead of turning a blind eye, you hold the power to your future. You hold the power to change, your own outcome and your own health. helps thousands of Americans all around the Usa get the Diabetes medication that they need to live a better life. USA Script Helpers is committed to serving all Americans by providing them with safe, quality and reliable medications. Did you know about USA Script Helpers? You can save hundreds on popular brands such as Saxenda, Lantus, Humalog, Novolin, Apidra, and Novorapid. Pens, Vials, and Cartridges along with much more! All you have to do is give USA Script Helpers a call at 1 (888) 646-7749. They’re open 7 days a week! 365 days a year!

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