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What is the Keto Diet?
Keto Diet is a diet plan that is currently making waves all over the USA. This diet plan is based on consuming foods that are rich in fats and are based on low carb foods.

When the body is pushed to convert fat based foods for energy, this actually reduces symptoms and signs of diabetes.What does that mean? It contributes to reversing your health into a healthier lifestyle. When it comes to diabetics, one of the main focuses is to accomplish weight lose – especially for those living with type 2 diabetics. Those who choose to follow the keto diet give themselves the opportunity to better their lifestyles not only physically but mentally. This allows people with diabetes to reduce or eliminate fear when it comes to blood sugar levels increasing or decreasing.

With Covid-19 and heavy restrictions all around the USA, millions of Americans are not getting the exercise and motivation that they normally are used to/need. Many Americans have either become inactive, unmotivated and have developed unhealthy eating patterns due to the accessibility of overly processed foods. With the world slowly re-opening, Americans are starting to get back into their routines with physical activity which does motivate them to eat healthier. However, it’s a process and it’ slow.
Let’s talk insta – Instagram is where millions of Americans go to these type of platforms and really search up things that they’re interested in. The virtual world of celebrities and everyday people. How to make easy cooked meals, Quick meals that are healthy, Keto diets on the go, Keto diets for beginners. That kind of thing. Easy to search accounts or hashtags and with the video features. This is a great type of outlet when looking into healthy diets. Or by following social media influencers that promote healthy weight loss or hashtags related to Keto.

Let’s talk about Keto – What are some “GO TO” foods?

Fishes – That are rich in Omega-3 (tuna, herring, mackerel, sardines)
You might not be a fan of sardinas aka sardines but how about everyone’s favourite salmon? There are so many great ways to cook salmon! You can even eat this raw.

Chicken – chicken breasts have so many great ways to eat this.

Seeds and Nuts – You can make your own homemade trail mix. This is popular. Search youtube or instagram or pinterest for how to’s. You’re welcome!

Bacon and Eggs – Dr.Seuss would be proud

Olive Oil
Cheese – you can do cream cheese or if you want to make your own cream cheese pop feta cheese in the oven and you can make it work

Avocados – This is a go to for a lot of people

Asparagus – Another great choice.

Check social media search engines and search : Keto diets, you’ll find a lot of great recipes!

The Keto diet as mentioned is an alternative to consuming carbs. Rich foods that are carbs are dissolved into sugar. So what’s the difference? The difference is that the fats that are consumed from the keto diet are stored for energy use.

Speak with your licensed medical professional if you have any questions or concerns regarding using the keto diet. Do not be shy about your concerns. It’s your right to get the information that you need to live better and healthier .

Diabetes + Ketogenic Diet
The million dollar question – Is it safe for diabetics to be on the ketogenic diet?

The answer to this is it depends on what type of diabetes and how far along you are. Questions such as these are to be confirmed only by a medical professional. Factors that come into play: Any severe allergic reactions, Are there any type of foods your body will reject or should stay away from? The key is to pinpoint what works in your favour. Based on surveys and public information the keto diet is safe for diabetics who have type 2 diabetes this is based on following a healthy diet and a constant meal plan.
While diabetics who are living with type 1 diabetes should always seek a consultation with a doctor or our Pharmacists regarding their condition and what they are looking to achieve when taking on this diet.

The keto diet can dramatically decrease the levels of a body’s glucose production which can cause an abnormal decrease of the blood sugar. Should anything abnormal or out of the ordinary occur where you feel hesitant or in doubt, contact your local medical professional asap. Remember to monitor your blood sugar levels as that should be deemed obligatory.

The benefits of keto:
Appetite – Reduction – Feeling great and eating less.

The ketogenic diet is also known for having many beneficial effects on the body. Consider the following:

Lowers blood sugar – By cutting down on carbs – your intake can prevent your diabetes from escalating and transitioning to a more serious health condition.

This makes the keto diet an ideal alternative and additional therapy for insulin administration.
Prevent other medical complications – Since diabetes can cause other health dilemmas, one way to prevent it is by following a strict keto diet. Some of the diseases that can be prevented are low blood pressure, heart disease, kidney damage, and stroke.
Common Side Effects of Keto Diet

Side effects to keep on the look out for include:

Kidney problems, Heart Disease, Absence of constipation or of Fibre.

Public surveys and testimonials show real everyday people showing drastic results of a healthy lifestyle transformation. Keto diets are customized so that the everyday individual is able to stay committed to these types of diets. You have people who have always been active but could never loose weight to obese individuals who all comitted to eating Keto. While everyone’s bodies function differently, these individuals were able to achieve their desired results by the change of what their daily portions were and their go to’s for nutrition. Being healthy and at a good weight not only impacts your body but your outlook on life. Your energy towards daily activities and your energy towards personal things. People who are healthier are overall happier. Usascripthelpers.com is here to help bring attention to topics such as these to encourage our prospects and established patients to live healthier and happier lives.

Disclaimer: Usa Script Helpers acknowledges that all information provided in this article is to solely bring attention to topics such as the one that was written. For public awareness and to speak to a medical professional regarding any medical advice. Please contact your local Primary physician or ask to speak to a Pharmacist from our licensed contracted Pharmacy department at 1-888-646-7749.

Usa script helpers is an established Pharmacy partner in Canada. If you have any questions regarding your medications please do not hesitate to call 1-888-646-7749. Usascripthelpers.com is open 365 days a year to help Americans when they need it the most.

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