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Gets Candid About Antidepressants and Your Intimate Life

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UsaScriptHelpers.com – Antidepressants. We heard this can Mess with your intimate life. 5 Strategies on what to do. Let’s go.

USH acknowledges that mental health more than ever is an extremely important topic that not many people acknowledge or focus on. Like any relationship this is a two way street. Sexual satisfaction is an important self fulfilling emotion and also can help boost a person’s mental health. This means that an individual can be at a good place mentally. Did you also know that decreased sexual satisfaction can actually affect your health?

Let’s be real. UnitedScriptHelpers.com acknowledges that we’re living in a global pandemic. That means depression is at an all time high. Not only nationally in America but globally. With depression comes anxiety. Let’s also be real that the frequency of sex by the human population has dropped significantly due to the fear of transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

If you are currently taking medications that are helping to treat your mental health problem and due to that medication you have noticed a decrease in your sex drive, know that you’re not the only one. That is a significant effect that affects millions of people. Taking these type of medications can really decrease your sex drive. However, it doesn’t have to be a “forever” type of thing. Acknowledgment for sexual desire and being at a comfortable place with this is a part of maintaining your mental health. It truly is. Read the following to learn tips on how to reclaim your sex life.

The affects of Antidepressants on your sex life.
USH talks Antidepressants – we all know that this can be a treatment that is not only life changing for all who suffer depression but anxiety. Did you know that in every 10 Americans there is 1 person who takes an Antidepressant?

Here are examples of Antidepressants: Prozac (fluoxetine), Zoloft (sertraline), Celexa (citalopram), and Lexapro (escitalopram). These medications tend to cause sexual side effects in anywhere from 30-70% of both men and women. Studies have shown that identified citalopram – that the effects can range from decreased sexual drive to difficulty orgasming to even erectile dysfunction.

UnitedScriptHelpers.com Tip #1: Be real with yourself. Acknowledge your issue.
The most important and crucial step is to acknowledge that you have a problem. Call it like you see it. Acknowledge that your sex life is not what you want it to be. This is the first step to addressing your issue. It might be uncomfortable at first but this is crucial into changing your current situation. According to public surveys — Did you know that roughly over 30% of American couples has been reported to be feeling sexually unsatisfied in their relationships with their partners? With COVID-19 sex has signficantly dropped all over the world. Which is more than understandable. Did you know that having sex actually releases the same oxytocin, eratonin and prolactin as a person who works out?

UnitedScriptHelpers.com Tip #2: Switch up your med routine (Make sure to advise your medical professional a.k.a your Primary Physician/Pharmacist)
Consult your Pharmacist or Physician regarding the change of time of day that you take your antidepressant. Remember the effects tend to be delayed so if you take your routine medication in the morning maybe switch up to the evening or mid day as you already know you won’t be feeling “those feelings” of sexual desire until later.

Think about your time slot about what works best for you. Write down your daily routine and incorporate your intimate time into your schedule. As adults it is healthy and normal to schedule personal time to yourself and with your partner whether you be in a long term relationship or whether it be your weekly hook ups with your friends. Whatever it is – schedule it.

Important notice – If you just recently started an antidepressant, know that these side effects most likely will disappear after some time. Give it a few weeks or a month or so for your body to adjust accordingly. Remember to keep it simple. Do not change your time that you take your medication without consulting your local Pharmacist or M.D first. Remember this!

UnitedScriptHelpers.com Tip #3: Get your pen. Get your scheduler. Or bust out your Phone. Schedule your intimate appointment.
Grown folks do grown folks things ya’ll. Let’s start with scheduling sex. Okay, we are all adults here. It might not sound that great to have to schedule your intimate time but people have things to do, places to be. If it’s important add it to your calendar. Make time for it. Sexual desire most always leads to sex.

UnitedScriptHelpers.com Tip # 4 – Talk to your friends about issues you might be having. See if they can provide advice.
You should be able to confide in your circle of friends. Sometimes getting advice from your friends can be beneficial. But remember, your friend’s advice doesn’t beat medical advice from a licensed Pharmacist or Doctor. See the following.

UnitedScriptHelpers.com Tip #5: Speak to an Expert. Medical Expert that is.
If you’re unhappy in your sex life there is no shame in seeking help. How are you going to fix a problem you don’t know or don’t want to know that you have? It takes a bigger person to correct the situation than to leave the situation as is. Now although your Pharmacist or M.D can help make the required adjustments to your medications (as needed), remember, a therapist and; or a sex therapist can actually be a great option to help you tackle your mental health block/sexual concerns when it comes to your intimate life.

Read about it. Google it. Discuss this with your medical professional. Don’t Be Shy. Give us a call and speak to our Pharmacist. UsaScriptHelpers.com is open and ready to help you reclaim your sex life. This is a part of life, people. UsaScriptHelpers.com is open 365 days a year. Head over to our website: www.usascripthelpers.com or simply give us a call 1-888-646-7749

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