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If you feel like the COVID 19 Pandemic is taking a toll on your health, you are not alone. Surveys in the USA show that The COVID-19 pandemic can feel overwhelming due to ever changing updates of information provided. The amount of jobs being lost, the lack of compensation provided by the governments, the rise in cases, the rise in deaths, the lack of Physical communication amongst loved ones. This Pandemic is not only claiming the lives of the dead but also the living. In moments such as the present, It is extremely important to pause for a moment and collect your thoughts, as worldwide pandemics can be taxing. Remaining calm can help.

Our team at USA Script Helpers acknowledges that it is normal to feel stressed or overwhelmed during uncertain times. Emotions are a response to uncertainty. These emotions may include anxiety, fear, anger and sadness. You also could feel helpless, discouraged and occasionally out of control. Did you know that physical responses may include headache, muscle tension, fatigue and sleeplessness. Self-care is the behaviors you do to take care of your own health and can include hygiene, nutrition, leisure activities, sports, exercise, seeking professional healthcare services when needed, and much more. And in the midst of a global pandemic, the need to care for our own health — all aspects of it — is of the utmost importance because, let’s face it: Navigating this new normal is not easy. Whether it’s struggling to get your kids to partake in online learning, productively working from home all day long, sharing tight quarters with housemates for much longer hours than you’re used to, or being cut off (physically, at least) from loved ones, we feel you.

Taking care of yourself is important so you are equipped to help your family through this time.

Here are a few tips you can use to take care of yourself:


· Fuel your body by eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water.

· Aim to get six to eight hours of sleep each night.

· Exercise every day. Whether it’s 30 minutes to 1 hour

· Take deep breaths and stretch often. Did you know stretching for at least 5-10 minutes a day after your work is recommended and suggested by personal trainers from all over? It’s a great way to avoid muscle tensions

· Avoid risky or destructive behaviors, such as abusing alcohol or drugs, excessive gambling or ignoring public health recommendations.

· Spend time outside, such as going for a walk in the park, but follow social distancing guidelines.


· Set and maintain a routine at home. Practice YOU time where you focus solely on you and are disconnected from your outside surroundings. Whether it’s have a bubble bath with some wine and listening to music or reading books. Being able to unconnect yourself from your daily surroundings and really digging deep into your imagination can do wonders for you.

· Focus on things you can control. Instead of using your energy and channeling it into things that are beyond your control, focus on what you can control. Focus on channeling your inner energy on positive aspects instead of negative ones. Give thanks for waking up to see another day.

· Use technology to maintain social connections with your loved ones. Consider a regular check-in schedule to give you something to look forward to.

· Consume reliable news sources that report facts, and avoid media that sensationalizes emotions or portrays others as malicious characters. Limit your exposure or take a break from news and social media if you find that it makes you anxious.

· Lean on your personal beliefs and faith for support. Expand your knowledge. Really think to yourself what is it that you believe in? Believe it to your core. Inhale and exhale. Free your mind of clutter and let your positive beliefs consume you. Look into manifestation. It’s real. The world is full of magic you just have to believe.

· Look for ways to help your community, such as blood donations, checking on older people in your neighborhood, or donating supplies or money to local organizations.

· Acknowledge and appreciate what others are doing to help you and your community. Always give thanks and be grateful for the help that you receive in life as it is not obligatory. It is someone else lending a helping hand willingly.

Allow yourself to feel your feelings Fear and concern are very normal reactions to extraordinary circumstances – COVID-19 and its ripple effects have never been seen in this lifetime. Focus on what you can control – not the unknown – and taking steps to help yourself feel better.

Keep in touch with loved ones through emails, messenger, text messages, Zoom Calls, Skype, FaceTime or good old fashion phone calls. Reach out to talk, laugh and listen. You may not be able to gather with friends and family in person, but there’s nothing stopping you from connecting by phone, text, email, social media or free video platforms. Use this extra time at home to reach out to people you aren’t regularly in contact with and help re-establish those relationships. Staying connected in a time where everyone is forced to stand apart can really empower one’s well being and help one mentally.

Remember you are not alone in feeling the way that you are feeling. Consider CoronaVirus as a test of humanity. It forces the world to come together. Every country, every nationality, every religion, every race, every person of all ages. United as one. Male or Female. Fighting an invisible battle. This is the human race and we will prevail.

Maintaining structure in your day Keeping a schedule will help regulate sleep, which helps ward off anxiety and depression. Make a to-do list every day, so you’ll have small goals to achieve and can experience a sense of accomplishment. Even something as small as putting the dishes away or organizing the medicine cabinet comes with an extra feeling of satisfaction when you cross it off a list.

Eat a balanced diet. With this pandemic, lack of physical interaction both in sports and sexually, gaining weight is easily done and achieved as there are so many everchanging restrictions. Remember ya’ll what you eat doesn’t just fuel your body, it fuels your brain too. Make sure you are feeding your mind and body a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Times of stress make us prone to emotional eating, so be especially mindful of “eating your feelings.” Channel your hunger into activity where it’s working out in the backyard or going for a walk. Keep active. You can do this. You’ve been doing this. Keep going.

When things get hard, you don’t give in. You pushback and you keep going. Your weakest moments are your strongest points. Remember that. Your weakest moments are your strongest points because if it weren’t for these moments you would not know your strength. Your ability to recover and get it together. It only gets better and you only keep getting stronger.

Exercise daily Gentle stretching, work-out videos, walking around your backyard – there are many ways to benefit from exercise even when the gym is closed. Try to do 30 minutes to one hour of some movement every day to release feel-good endorphins. Dancing around your living room to your favourite song, that’s a must.

Reflect on the good. There is a lot that can worry us in the world right now, but it’s still possible to feel good 24/7. That’s a load of BS if you’re telling us that a person can feel good all day, everyday. Everyone has emotions. We are human. It’s normal. Do not alienate yourself. Take 10 minutes to think about the small pleasures that are still part of your daily life, such as that first cup of coffee you get to linger over at your kitchen table, or the social media posts showing how strangers are finding ways to help each other under these new circumstances.

Did you know that identifying one thing you are thankful for before falling asleep each night can help you stay focused on the positive in the midst of uncertainty? The power of giving thanks, being humble, showing humility, blessing others and acknowledging your own blessing while realising the present is only temporary — this mind set is a mindset that will get you through the worst anxieties and through depression, anger etc.

Remember, should any negative feelings become persistent or interfere with daily functioning and are outside the norm for the COVID-19 pandemic, contact your provider for help and guidance. Guideline on what to look out for:

· Trouble focusing on daily activities

· Anxiety that turns into feelings of being out of control

· Strong feelings that interfere with daily activities

· Having emotions that become difficult to manage

· Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness

Helping Others Cope – Taking care of yourself can better equip you to take care of others. During times of social distancing, it is especially important to stay connected with your friends and family. Helping others cope with stress through phone calls or video chats can help you and your loved ones feel less lonely or isolated.

Usa script helpers is an established Pharmacy partner in Canada. If you have any questions regarding your medications please do not hesitate to call 1-888-646-7749. Usa Script Helpers is open 365 days a year to help Americans when they need it the most.

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