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Saxenda is an FDA-approved prescription medication that consists of liraglutide. This medication was created solely to be injected. Saxenda comes in 15ml prefilled syringes which have a concentration of 6ml/mg. For every 1 quantity pack size ordered for Saxenda the package comes with 5 prefilled syringes.

Shipping advisory
Please be advised that due to Covid-19, Canada Post and USPS have both removed their shipping guarantee. Therefore, orders may take 7-10 business days to receive. Please be sure to place your order sooner rather than later. Should you not receive your medication within the quoted time please do not hesitate to give us a call at our toll free number +1 888 646 7749 to speak to a member of our customer support team. Thank you

Saxenda is a brand name medication that initiates more parts of the brain to become active. Amongst those areas that are recognized by this medication is one’s appetite. Therefore decreasing an individual’s hunger makes one crave food less. Saxenda is the only FDA approved weight loss medication at this time that comes in pen shape. USA Script Helpers is proud to offer this medication at best price guaranteed*.


The answer is YES. Public information and surveys show that those who use Saxenda lose undeniable weight over time as opposed to those who don’t at all. Patients tend to see a 10% decrease in body weight. When you buy Canadian Insulin with us online we make sure that our packing team double checks all medicine batches prior to shipping out to ensure that you receive the quality that you deserve. Ask your doctor or give us a call to request to speak to a Pharmacist from our contracted Pharmacy department.

How Does Saxenda Help Achieve Weight Loss?

Leptin resistance decreased – For those who are not aware, Leptin is a hormone that affects your weight. Leptin sends signals to an individual’s brain to inform the brain that there is enough fat stored in a person’s body. Leptin suppresses your appetite which causes you to not have those cravings which help assist the body to less consumption. Did you know that Leptin helps to prevent regaining weight that was lost from dieting?
It is possible to develop resistance to lepin overtime. When this happens weight management can be fairly difficult to manage. Saxenda reduces leptin resistance. That means it preps your body to allow for weight loss.

Let’s talk Sensitivity to Insulin

Insulin allows sugar (glucose) from the food we eat to enter our cells which then gives us the energy that we need. However, in situations where there is insulin resistance, our cells unfortunately become unable to absorb glucose from our blood. This then results in our bodies resorting to look to other sources of glucose such as fat fuel our cells. HBP encourages those using this medication to read about Lantus on different platforms on the internet and discuss any questions that you may have with your medical licensed professional.
Did you know that an increase in insulin leads to weight gain due to the excess glucose absorbed by our cells as mentioned would be stored as fat? Keep it mind that it might be harder to burn fat because your cells are now powered by glucose. Please keep in mind that it is not recommended that you take any type of insulin supplements while on Saxenda unless told otherwise from your medical professional.

Reduced Appetite

It is very important to know and acknowledge that your weight is not only a result of how many calories you burned. It is important to understand the balance of consuming and burning. Your amount being burned should bypass the amount consumed.
Know that Saxenda helps to empty your stomach contents into your intestines at a slower paste. This results in giving you that feeling of being “full ” which then results in your body having less urges to seek food.

Side Effects – What to look out for

Majority of side effects of Saxenda could be avoided. How is that possible? By making sure to use this medication as needed when needed in an appropriate setting. Saxenda is not a forever drug. Once you have reached the weight that makes you feel happy and confident it is suggested that you discontinue the use of this medication. Should you require professional medical practice please do not hesitate to contact us and request to speak to a Pharmacist. Side effects to watch for include: Dizziness, Vomiting, Headaches, Nausea, Muscle Cramps. How Much Does Saxenda Cost? The price of Saxenda is based on supply and demand. Saxenda is typically not covered by Medicare or most insurance plans. Buy Canadian Insulin online for a fraction of the cost. While it never hurts to ask your insurance about options, most weight-loss remedies are not covered by typical insurance plans. There is not currently a generic alternative.
Remember when you buy Canadian Insulin online you are putting back money into your pockets as you are purchasing quality medications without storefront costs. USA Script Helpers offers best priced* guaranteed.
Although USA Script Helpers is not covered by Medicare, USA Script Helpers offers medical expense reports that you may submit to your local insurance companies. Should you be reimbursed that is separate from us. USA Script Helpers also offers best priced* guaranteed for all medications for more information simply give us a call at +1 888 646 7749.

frequently asked questions
As long as you have provided a correct United States delivery address, if your order does not arrive within our 2-4 week shipping time frame, we will ensure our contracted pharmacy re-ships your order. If you do not wish to have the medication(s) re-shipped we will apply a credit for the full amount of your purchase. The choice is entirely up to you!
Unfortunately, no. Due to legal requirements our contracted pharmacies are unable to accept the return of prescription medications even if the package is still sealed. If for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your medication(s) please contact our toll-free number or initiate a chat with a customer care representative so we can take care of your concerns.
You may place an order for up to 3 months quantity/90 days of your prescription required medication(s). This is for both humans and pets!

USA Script Helpers only contracts reputable dispensing vendors.

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