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Kindness is a language that we can all comprehend. Kindness is being helpful, generous and considerate. Doing acts of kindness without any expectation in return. Kindness is truly essential.


Thinking positive thoughts and being kind can actually release Endorphins which is your body’s natural pain killer. Take a few moments to yourself to collect your thoughts and figure out what makes you happy. How can you become happy  and less stressed constantly. There is no such thing as being happy 24/7 but this is such thing as positive thinking and kind hearted thinking.


Did you know kindness can help increase your self-esteem? Kindness consists of compassion and empathy. It can also decrease high blood and your stress levels. Kindness is an attractive trait that invites good energy.  Positive energy. Kindness can be contagious. Kindness is what helps the world become a better place and is what helps mold our children into the respectful, clear minded and thoughtful humans that they become as adults.


Kindness is not solely based on how you treat others but how you treat yourself as well. Your intentions, your thoughts and your state of mind. When you look at yourself in the mirror are you portaying yourself as a dark cloud? Or do you see the beauty that is within you? Flaws and all. When you stare at the person in the mirror are you practicing self love? Or do you put yourself down? Kindness is not only a reflection of your character but also a reflection of how you see yourself.

Do you ever think back to moments where you were having a bad day or someone you know was having a bad day?  I remember a time when I was on lunch break with one of my classmates and she was just this beautiful woman. She had a very kind smile, gorgeous human to look at but her energy spoke for itself. I remember how people would stare at this woman and just chat with her. Strangers would randomly approach her and with her simple “hello” “have a good day” wow. Her simple ways could truly make another person’s day.

I challenge you to chat with random strangers. A simple “hello” “how are you?” or hold the door open for someone else. Simple gestures such as these really do make or break someone’s day. If you can contribute to someone else feeling good why would you not want to?

We are living in a time ruled by disease and infections. A time where the sense of touch has been compromised. A time where hugs and kisses have become lethal. Now more than ever it is important to be kind to your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and strangers. People are not in their sense of “normal”. People are feeling fragile and isolated. Simple conversations, well wishes and acts of kindness truly do go a long way. These acts of kindness are truly a blessing of their own.

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