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As the prices of medications continue to inflate in the USA, the internet pharmacy industry is worth billions of dollars. The number of online pharmacies continues to increase. Millions of Americans are buying insulin online in efforts to reduce their daily costs. Did you know that you could buy insulin online for PetMeds and human medications? Sometimes this in-expensive medicine from competitor companies is what is actually contributing to the millions of lives living in the USA who have health problems. Putting them at more risk because of the medications they are purchasing not being authentic to what is being advertised.

Not all internet Pharmacies are rogue. To know that one must do their due diligence. Make sure to read up about the platform that you’re ordering your medications from. Ask yourself, who are these people? Who are the manufacturers they deal with? Are you able to get prescription medication without an actual prescription? If so — that’s a red flag! There are many rogue online pharmacies that abuse their authority by retailing expired medications for lower prices or who retail low quality medications for a quick profit.

Here are 5 red flags to be aware of:

# 1) If you are able to buy PetMeds or Human Medications that require prescriptions without prescriptions, that’s a red flag.

#2) If you are not required to provide any or little information about yourself and can place an order for a prescription required medication by doing just that – don’t do it!

#3) Can’t figure out who the manufacturer is? If the medication is either brand name or generic equivalent? Can’t tell where the medication is coming from? That’s another red flag.

#4) If you cannot get in touch with a customer support agent from that platform or anyone via email – not good.

#5) Your online platform that you’re considering purchasing medications from shy away from your actual doctor as in their Pharmacist does not want to speak to your local primary Physician or medical professional – that’s a run, duck and cover moment.

Remember a legitimate and safe online Pharmaceutical platform will be of the following:

# 1) Courteous to all prospects and established Patients. This means providing a lot of information willingly and openly. No BS. No Gimmicks. No Shade.

# 2) Will have real customer support agents that you can speak to via Chat, Email or Phone. Customer support when you need it the most.

# 3) Pharmacists are willing to speak to your local medical professional (doctor or nurse practitioner). Both customer support and Pharmacy members encourage you to show your Physician or NRP the platform you wish to place an order for your medications. Legitimate places have nothing to hide.

# 4) You must submit a copy of your prescription in order to get a prescription required medication. Unless OTC you need that script!

#5) Your online Pharmaceutical Platform stays true to what is being advertised. Does not sell you anything fake or concerning. If you have questions do NOT hesitate to ask your doctor. If you have to doubt it, don’t do it.

Why Partner with USH? Usascripthelpers.com not only caters to all states in the USA but territories as well. Unitedscripthelpers.com is proud to retail over-the-counter and prescription required medications through its’ contracted licensed Pharmacy. USH offers competitive pricing with other online established Pharmacy partners. Usascripthelpers.com retails medications for a fraction of the cost compared to sources in the USA. USH offers the best-priced* medications that are affordable and are true to what is being advertised.

USH was created to lend a helping hand to not only seniors in communities all over the USA but to really deliver to all age groups. USH aims to become a household name all across the USA. UnitedScriptHelpers.com is a place where your safety is our # 1 priority. We need your help to spread the word that we are here to help. Help us. Help you!

For further inquiries, please feel free to reach out to UsaScriptHelpers.com. USH is open 365 days a year. That means 7 days a week. Usascripthelpers.com invites you to join today. Use Coupon USH10OFF to receive 10% off your order. Call 1-888-646-7749 for information. Helping Americans all over the United States.

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