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What is the Power Of Wellness? Why is wellness so crucial in today’s society? What does the meaning of wellness bring to your life?

When I think of wellness I think Oprah.
I think about Oprah every single time. Oprah addresses anything from personal struggles to public struggles. Oprah is a  very accomplished woman who has publicly worked hard and long to get to where she is now. She also seems like a very humble individual who is known to be mindful of others and is straight to the point.

Did you know that you are more likely to receive great customer service from employees who are the following: engaged in conversations, who are cheerful, welcoming and over all healthy? This is why the team at UsaScriptHelpers.com strives everyday to be a body of a welcoming, helpful and resourceful group of individuals.

Wellness is apart of our everyday life and is something that needs to be familiarized, normalized and harmonized. Wellness is crucial because it allows you to identify your triggers for stress. It  helps determine your balance or where you need to find balance in your life. Wellness plays a big part in keeping your sense of peace and helps to clear your mind. Wellness is recognizing that regardless of how busy you might be to always give thanks, take a few moments to collect your thoughts and to always be mindful of others.

Random cool fact: Did you know that prior to major operations surgeons always check in with their teams? That way if there is anything that is clouding an individual’s judgement, that weight is lifted off their shoulder and they can focus on their work.

Did you know physical activity, eating healthier, drinking various glasses of water, learning to manage stress, getting a goodnight’s sleep and organizing different areas in your life can all be attributes to your peace of mind?  Writing in a journal for example. Writing down your thoughts on a daily basis and then taking a few moments out of your time to take a step back and review your previous thoughts can give you a clarity that you never knew that you had before. From doing this you are able to reflect not only on your past emotions but are able to go back and review those emotions. Why did you feel that way? Does it make sense to have felt that way? How can you learn from that experience?

The mission of USH is a mission that is insync with my own. We are committed to helping improve the lives of others by resourceful connections, conversations and resourceful outlets where people can seek information on how to improve their body, mind and soul. As well as learning about different health topics, diseases, illnesses etc.

Whether it be 15 minutes a day or it be 1 hour a day. Regardless of how busy you might be it is extremely important that you find a few moments in the day to takecare of yourself. Whether it be that you are going for some fresh air or doing some stretches to relaxing music, always remember to take care of you. Do things that make you happy or that relax you. As you become older you realize the importance of one’s self being.

 Wellness is a sense of good karma, peace, finding your way, food for thoughts the list goes on. Wellness can be a little bit of everything that has a feel good vibe to it.

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