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What Are the Side Effects of Alcohol and Medications

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Did you know that the “Do Not Drink Alcohol” label should be taken seriously? It’s there for a reason. This advisory is put on medications to avoid the possibility of dangerous, or even deadly, drug interactions. You may be at risk, and not even know it. Another reason this label is on millions of medications is to ensure that the end user receives the best possible effects of one’s medications by not mixing with anything that (s)he is not supposed to.

You should always consult your Doctor or your Pharmacist about whether it is safe to drink alcohol if you are on medications. Depending on what you take and your condition, alcohol can make some medication ineffective and could even lead to dangerous health consequences.

Individual differences in body weight, genetics and lifestyle, can also affect the way that medications may interact with alcohol. Why is it dangerous to mix alcohol with drugs? When mixing alcohol and medications, various side effects that might occur. So let’s get to it – What are the side effects of Alcohol while taking medications? Our team at Usa Script Helpers breaks it down for you. See the following:

· Sleepiness

· Dizziness

· Heart problems

· Fainting

· Bleeding, especially stomach

· Nausea and vomiting

· Low or high blood pressure

· Falls or injury due to accidents (such as a car accident)

· Seizures

· Liver or heart injury

· Slowed breathing (respiratory depression)

· Drug overdose

There are also two main reasons why doctors advise patients not to drink with some medications.

Alcohol can have a sedative effect and, when combined with a medicine that also has a sedative effect (including some antidepressants, antihistamines and sedatives), can result in extreme sleepiness or drowsiness.

Alcohol and medicines can also interact in the way that they are absorbed and metabolised (broken down) in the body. It is possible that some medicines block the metabolization of alcohol so that blood alcohol levels are higher than normal after consuming smaller amounts. Heavy alcohol consumption can result in changes in liver function that mean medication may not be absorbed as well as it should and may mean the medication does not work properly or that serious side effects are more likely to be experienced.

It is known that older adults are particularly vulnerable to adverse effects from consuming alcohol alongside medication. And some medications have known reported side-effects.

The most common medications that interact with alcohol involve these drug classes: · High blood pressure medication · Sleeping pills (sedatives and hypnotics) · Anxiety Medications · Pain medications (analgesics) · Skeletal muscle relaxants · Diabetes medicine · Cholesterol medications · Antidepressants · Antipsychotics

· Cardiovascular medications

· Blood Pressure medications

· Depression Pills

Remember, if you’re taking medications, always consult a licensed medical professional for their advice on whether you should drink alcohol and let them know if you experience negative effects from drinking while on medication. If you have medical conditions or a medical history that is also important information that should be shared when seeking medical advice. The more information that you provide the more accurate your consult will be.

Usa Script Helpers encourages anyone who would like to speak to a licensed Pharmacist to call 1-888-646-7749 to request to speak to a licensed Pharmacist. Once you read this article and if you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to call the 1800#. Usa Script Helpers was created to help millions of Americans in not only obtaining knowledgeable information but medications.

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