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What’s the Difference Between Saxenda VS. Ozempic? What You Should Know?


What Is Saxenda?

Saxenda is an injectable medication for people looking to lose weight and keep it off. This includes adults with a BMI of 27 or higher. Adolescents (12 to 17 years) with a weight above 132 pounds may also take it. Saxenda is combined with a supervised diet and exercise plan. People who follow their regimen will shed off unwanted pounds.

What Is Ozempic?

Ozempic is injected to treat people with type 2 diabetes. This medication helps you get within your desired blood sugar goals. Together withproper diet and exercise, you can achieve healthy glucose levels. Ozempic may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in at-risk patients. It helps control undesirable symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

How do Both Medications work?

Both Saxenda and Ozempic work by influencing hormones in the body. However, there is a key difference. Saxenda imitates the body’s natural hormone, glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1). This substance is responsible for regulating your hunger. Saxenda works by making you feel full faster. It causes you to consume fewer calories and lose weight. On the other hand, Ozempic helps the pancreas release more insulin. It prevents the liver from producing and releasing too much sugar. Ozempic slows down the food that leaves the stomach.

Similarities in Side Effects

Since both work by regulating hormones, they have similar side effects. Both may cause the following gastrointestinal issues:

Stomach pain

Main Difference Between Saxenda VS. Ozempic

Both medications are injected under the skin, usually in the thigh, arm, or abdomen. However, Saxenda is injected once a day. Meanwhile, Ozempic is only injected once every 7 days. For both medicines, it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions exactly. Do not inject if you are unsure how. If you miss the dose, inform your doctor first before injecting.

Saxenda and Ozempic have both undergone strict clinical trials. They are both FDA-approved but for different uses. Saxenda is approved for weight management. Ozempic is approved for diabetes control. Before starting on either medication, consult with your doctor first. They can tell you if Saxenda and Ozempic are right for you.

How to Buy Saxenda and Ozempic Online?

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