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Use USH5OFF code to receive 5% off on your first order. Call Us Now : 1 (888) 646-7749

Novolin GE 40 / 60 Penfill Cartridge

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Novolin GE 40 / 60 Penfill Cartridge
Insulin Injection, Insulin Isophane Human Biosynthetic




Novolin GE 40/60 PenFill Cartridges are cartridges for use with your insulin pen that’s reuseable. They are filled with a mixture of 40% Regular insulin and 60% NPH insulin isophane solution.




Insulin is a naturally occurring hormone made by the pancreas that helps our body use or store blood glucose (sugar) it gets from food. For people with diabetes, either the pancreas does not make enough insulin to meet the body’s requirements, or the body cannot properly use the insulin that is made. As a result, glucose cannot be used or stored properly and accumulates in the bloodstream. Insulin injected under the skin helps to lower blood glucose levels.




Novolin GE 40/60 mix has a similar method of action to naturally occurring insulin. Its onset and duration of action comes from the combination of the specific characteristics of both regular insulin and NPH insulin. Regular insulin is a short-acting insulin that begins to work within 30 minutes, and it remains active in your body for about 5 to 8 hours, while NPH insulin is an intermediate–acting insulin that starts to work after 90 minutes and peaks around 6 to 10 hours. The combo of these insulins can help you maintain your sugar levels for up to 24 hours.




It is likely that you will not be on a strict time-based dosing schedule with Novolin GE 40/60, but make sure to eat a meal within 45 minutes of self-administration. Do not use more medicine than needed to make up for a previously forgotten dose.




• Hunger

• Sweating

• Vision Changes

• Injection Site Reactions

• Shakiness


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