What’s all that buzzin’ about? 

Rewards Program Coming Soon

This program is applicable to both humans and pets. (Yes, that includes petmeds!)

Our team at USA Script Helpers is happy to share that we will be rolling out our HoneybeePharmacy-Rewards program in the near future. 

Our team at USA Script Helpers is committed to providing affordable medications with both humans and pets. We are happy to serve Americans with great pricing, quality medications and a variety of different products.

PetMeds is essential to all pet lovers and owners to be able to access. By earning rewards for everytime a pet owner places an order for their beloved pet, they are not only saving money but they are also getting the most of their dollar.

USA Script Helpers will be rolling out the Rewards program in the near future in hopes of promoting more savings for the American consumer when it comes to purchasing their own medications and their PetMeds.

Our Rewards Program will be in full effect in the next coming of weeks. 

Stay tuned!